The relentless march of technical progress onboard today’s yachts is by no means exclusive to machinery and equipment. Beekmans’ computerised method allows clients to visualise the appearance of their windscreens in 3D before production is even underway, while quality is guaranteed by our refined measuring and manufacturing methods, first-class materials and striking design.

Your convenience is maximised by the fact that Beekmans takes care of the entire production process, from digital engineering to professional fitting. Our streamlined process allows us to deliver a perfectly tuned windscreen to any yard in the world; distance is not an issue. Beekmans’ experience is at your full disposal, and we are happy to work together with you during both design and execution.

The ideal alfresco experience can be reached with the stunning retractable awning from the experts at Beekmans. Based upon over a decade of experience in this specialised part of a yacht, you will find the Beekmans retractable awning installed on scores of the world’s most renowned superyachts, ranging in size from 60 metres to well over 100 metres.

The Beekmans retractable awning is based upon many years of know-how, premium Dutch quality and a fundamental understanding of what is required from a superyacht awning in regular use.

The Beekmans retractable awning has to date been commissioned and installed in sizes of up to 10 metres wide. We can also develop this proven technology and construction for even larger projects should you so require. With a simple touch on the screen or a flick of the remote control switch, your awning will extend to 6.5 metres, and is exceptionally stable in strong winds.

Beekmans offers tailored advice at the start of each project to ensure that the awning is properly integrated in the superstructure and matches the profile. We also install the awning

The Beekmans retractable awning has a hugely impressive track record for offering maximum comfort and convenience. A variety of smart features include a clever drive mechanism and a control system that allows remote servicing. Yacht owners who value a stylish look while enjoying the perfect outdoor moment in the shade need look no further. And captains seeking an assurance of a hassle-free operation will also be delighted they came to Beekmans.

Modern superyacht owners take great pride in highly visual exterior features, seeing them as an integral part of the overall ‘look’ of their boat. Your success in meeting these expectations depends upon increasingly refined stainless steel and glass work. Beekmans has the answer in the shape of our comprehensive range of extraordinarily sophisticated and strikingly beautiful railings.

Some companies and yards still view products such as railings as a commodity, where price is the only variable. At Beekmans, we see things differently. Our innovative products emphasise quality and exclusivity. We don’t just weld, mill and grind: We sculpt.

Our competences are very broad – simply provide us with a concept and we’ll take care of the rest. Beekmans engineers like nothing more than to create ingenious solutions that make the most commonplace installations extraordinary.

With the increasing demands of class societies, the specifications of glass for railings are getting more complex. With Beekmans in house glass production and engineering, Beekmans can assist in strength calculations for class submittal.

Beekmans has extensive experience in a wide range of custom-made windbreakers in curved glass and composite materials. Options include door springs, sliding panels on the bulwark and hinged glass panels against the superstructure. You can count on our world-renowned expertise from the initial design stages onwards, and trust that your windbreakers will be custom produced to your exact specifications.

Beekmans has an excellent reputation for delivering stainless steel products with glass panels for the exteriors of superyachts, including railings, windshields and windbreakers. Glass production normally includes toughening of the glass, and there are very little parties in Europe with the facilities to do this type of toughening.

It is essential within the superyacht industry to deliver the very best products and service to our clients. For this reason Beekmans has a chemical toughening bath for glass. This gives maximum control over quality and deliverytime.

The chemical toughening bath will also enable Beekmans to respond to the increasingly stringent specifications from class societies with regards to toughening and strength calculations.