telescopic awnings

Sun or shade, but little space? Beekmans delivers the solution!

First-rate stainless steel and glass fixtures for yachts are a complex field, where precision and expertise come at a premium. Decades of experience in this demanding niche market have taught Beekmans the value of toughness, precision and durability. So when clients came to us asking for a version of our successful retractable awnings with reduced build-in depth, we came up with a solution that provides the perfect combination of sturdiness, practicality and good looks. 

For both mechanical and aesthetic reasons, there may not be enough space within a yacht structure to install a standard retractable awning. Our recently developed telescopic awning provides the perfect solution. While its build-in depth depends on its dimensions when it is completely extended, this is substantially less than the full length of the awning – we recently delivered one that measured 4.8 metres with a build-in depth of 3.3 metres. Beekmans relies on instructions and drawings from clients to ensure that the awning perfectly fits the available space and its intended purpose. 

All Beekmans fully marine-grade systems can be built in by our highly skilled personnel if you wish. Our products are available with a wide range of clever features and options, such as a smart drive mechanism and remote control. Captains and owners looking for a sturdy, carefree and fine looking shading solution even in tight spots are in the right place with Beekmans!