retractable awnings

The ideal alfresco experience can be reached with the stunning retractable awning from the experts at Beekmans. Based upon over a decade of experience in this specialised part of a yacht, you will find the Beekmans retractable awning installed on scores of the world’s most renowned superyachts, ranging in size from 60 metres to well over 100 metres.

The Beekmans retractable awning is based upon many years of know-how, premium Dutch quality and a fundamental understanding of what is required from a superyacht awning in regular use. 

The Beekmans retractable awning has to date been commissioned and installed in sizes of up to 10 metres wide. We can also develop this proven technology and construction for even larger projects should you so require. With a simple touch on the screen or a flick of the remote control switch, your awning will extend to 6.5 metres, and is exceptionally stable in strong winds. 

Beekmans offers tailored advice at the start of each project to ensure that the awning is properly integrated in the superstructure and matches the profile. We also install the awning

The Beekmans retractable awning has a hugely impressive track record for offering maximum comfort and convenience. A variety of smart features include a clever drive mechanism and a control system that allows remote servicing. Yacht owners who value a stylish look while enjoying the perfect outdoor moment in the shade need look no further. And captains seeking an assurance of a hassle-free operation will also be delighted they came to Beekmans.

retractable awnings retractable awnings retractable awnings