foldable awnings

The side-arm retractable awning leverages on Beekmans’ rich experience in stainless steel products and premium Dutch quality approach. Designed to withstand the marine environment for many years, the awning uses powerful gas-spring-loaded arms to pull the awning fabric tight as it rolls from a central drive tube.

The result of extensive R&D work, our engineers have done everything possible to create an ultra-reliable product that is not even remotely comparable to the mass-produced aluminium awnings used in domestic settings. A synthesis of smart design, high quality stainless steel, stylish fabric and integrated LEDs make the Beekmans side-arm retractable awning a superior option for your superyacht.

We can supply a standard or custom system to fit any structure and provide up to 24m² of shade. The custom system will be executed with a standard closing part upon which a custom bulwark part can be mounted. The system can be supplied as a ready-made box containing the side arms, roll with fabric, motor and controls.

foldable awnings foldable awnings foldable awnings